About Us

Hello! This is us...
A family of four exploring the Great Outdoors!
HatCH is a very small brand, building up a friendly following of customers both old and new.
Founded in January 2017 I decided it was time for me to begin creating clothing for my eldest son. Since the day he was born I have found it difficult to find fun and colourful prints for boys. The girls sections in shops are always bright and creative and the boys, full of blue and grey. 

So this inspired me...

I'm a designer and illustrator but also a part time art teacher. I am passionate about colourful design and my main inspiration comes from our son - he is our little explorer. In April 2018 our second son was born and it has meant that my ambition to create fun prints for all to enjoy has been given another boost of inspiration! 
All of my products and prints are designed by me. I have spent months sourcing high quality jersey fabric that is soft on your baby and toddler's delicate skin but wears well when worn indoors and out.
I wanted to create a brand identity that is unique and playful. The inspiration behind my themes comes from our love of the great outdoors. From good old camping to picnics in the rain. We have been brought up to appreciate the little things in life and embrace our beautiful countryside and coastlines. 

We hope you love them as much as we do! 
Bay Living Awards Finalist 2017
Best use of Creativity 
Bay Living Awards Creativity Lancaster